Ancient Athens Versus Modern Athens

Ancient Athens versus modern Athens??? Could we marry those two antitheses without causing any disgrace? Could we be right to suspect that such a project may end up into showing a considerable lack of vision …if not, a great lack of culture????

Ancient Athens versus modern Athens??….A question of great importance for tourists who wish to visit Greece…who wish to admire ancient Athens in its original “dress”…who wish to enjoy, at the same time, comfort and modernity in their daily life…Modern Athens has succeeded to realize such a daring project without damaging its precious ancient atmosphere.

We wouldn’t go further into this subject without underlining the presence of a woman at the head of the City Council : a modern young Lady, Mrs Dora Bakoyannis has been elected as the Mayor of modern Athens.

Under her guidance, the City Council has developed numerous cultural activities taking place outside (at Summer Time, at Christmas Time, at Easter Time…).

Does the year 2004 remind you anything? …2004… a magic year for modern Athens.2004… has inspired thousands of artists and workers to create a new look for their city. Modern Athens began to project her new image: a new born city ready for the Olympics Games … Ancient Athens and modern Athens were proud …so were the citizens…ready to welcome the crowds of visitors.

Many features have been developed to receive the guests:

…walking roads to visit Archaeological Sites

…additional restaurants, Bars, Café-Bars

…beaches have become accessible by Trolley

…the public transport system has highly improved

…construction of beautiful highways

…addition of many hotels and rooms in Athens.From the Airport, you can get to Ancient Athens or modern Athens or to the suburbs) by using public Transport, limousines services or taxis….Taxis and public transport are more than reasonable (a ticket for the Airport Express Line is 2.90 euros/good for 24 hours).

Searching for a place to stay can be simplified with the Internet. Rooms in Athens and Greekster can provide you all information you need for a memorable visit to the land of your dream.And know let’s play this ”quiz” to verify our information :1.The mayor of modern Athens is, A….Peter Papandreou — B….Dora Bakoyannis2. The last Olympics games in modern Athens took place in the year, A…2000 — B….20043.To visit the Archaelogical Sites, going from one place to another, A…. you have to go with the Trolley — B….you can go on foot4.The new metro stations look like, A….a sky painted in blue — B….a living museum5.To get to Ancient Athens or modern Athens

from the Airport, A….you have to rent a car or…drive your own — B…you can use the metroANSWERS at to this article. Quiz: answers and comments1.=A, 2.=B, 3.-=B, 4.=B, 5.=BComments: If you found, 5 answers = excellent, 4 answers = very good, 3 answers = you need to read more articles on this subject, 2 answers = you need to come to Greece 1 answer = Athens is waiting …it can’t wait to be discovered by YOU.This article is designed to help you in your search of Ancient Athens versus modern Athens. Greek travel travelling in Athens Greece free travel tips.


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